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About Us - OwnersAs a mother and daughter, our interest in beading began in 2003 as a simple hobby. We were living in New Hampshire and decided to sign up for a beading class at a shop in our town. We enjoyed it so much that we began visiting the shop 3-4 times a week! When the shop posted that they were looking for part-time workers, we both jumped at the opportunity.

Eventually, we decided to move back to Wisconsin to be closer to our family but we missed the bead shop so much that we dreamed of opening our own. In 2006, our dream became a reality and we’ve been here ever since!

Since we began as beading hobbyists, we understand that there are many questions when it comes to crafting beaded art, and we’re always happy to answer your inquiries and love to suggest ideas. We love to see our fellow bead-lovers’ progress, which is why we’re always happy to see your creations.